New Machine Investment Enhances Our Capabilities to Manufacture Thin-Walled Catheters

At Arrotek, we constantly seek to improve our capabilities in the design and production of innovative medical device products. Our latest machine investment will enable us to manufacture thin-walled reinforced tubing-based catheters.

This means catheters with walls less than 0.1mm thick.

The new Rothgreaves 4000 Series Coil Winding Machine is now up and running in our medical device production facility in Sligo. It uses high-speed CNC servo motors and a precise linear actuator to wind coils, adding reinforcement to the catheter products we manufacture. It can manufacture coils in various lengths and pitches.

Mark Pugh, Director at Arrotek said: “The design of catheter products is becoming more advanced, improving patient treatments and outcomes. Part of this advance in catheter design is the production of thin-walled devices.

“We have been developing catheter products with sub 0.1mm walls for some time now. This new machine gives us enhanced manufacturing capabilities, improving the service we offer to clients.”