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At Arrotek, we are experienced medical device manufacturers, providing medical device contract manufacturing services to companies in the USA, Europe, and around the world. Our manufacturing facilities for the production of medical devices are located in three of the world’s most important hubs for the MedTech industry:

  • Massachusetts, USA
  • Sligo, Ireland
  • Costa Rica

Our facilities have advanced capabilities that include manufacturing complex plastic, metal, and composite components. We also provide cleaning and finishing services, as well as packaging, labelling, and sterilisation. Find out more about our manufacturing capabilities.

Our team has extensive expertise in all aspects of medical device manufacturing. This includes design transfer processes, supply chain management, logistics, and ongoing manufacturing process improvement and optimisation.

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Download our whitepaper: Three Essential Phases of Medical Device Manufacturing Success. The three stages are Design for Manufacturability (DFM), Design Transfer, and Continuous Improvement. It also explores how to choose the right medical device contract design and manufacturing organisation (CDMO).

Medical Device Manufacturers – Our Facilities

Our on-site cleanroom manufacturing facilities in the US, Europe, and Costa Rica support our commitment to providing a successful finished product ready for the clinic or hospital, or for downstream manufacturing or assembly processes.

As leading medical device manufacturers, we can become your medical device OEM contract manufacturer. We offer both pilot and full-scale production services to meet your outsourcing needs.

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