Needles, Cannulas, and Stylets

Needles, Cannulas, and Stylets

Specialty Medical Needles and Similar Steel Components

Arrotek is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of specialty medical needles, cannulas, stylets, and similar steel components. We produce needles for interventional and diagnostic catheters and a range of other access devices used in minimally invasive medical procedures.

We can develop and manufacture a needle or similar steel component that has the performance characteristics required for your medical device product. Get in touch today to speak to a member of our team to find out more.

Needle Point Geometries

Point geometries help determine the needle’s sharpness and performance characteristics, including the penetration capabilities of the needle.

We have designed and manufactured needles with all common point geometries as well as creating unique designs. The standard cannula bevels and needle point geometries that we can produce include:

  • Primary
  • Menghini
  • Madayag
  • Pencil
  • Trocar
  • Lancet
  • Chiba
  • Franseen
  • Spade

Medical Needle Performance Characteristics

  • Materials – needles are typically manufactured from 300-series or 400-series stainless steel. Nitinol is also used for specialist applications.
  • Manufacturing techniques – various manufacturing techniques can be used to produce needles with each option having an impact on the performance of the component.
  • Needle size – the required gauge size of the needle.
  • Coatings – various coatings can be applied to needles to, for example, increase lubricity or improve the component’s hydrophobic properties.
  • Coring and non-coring – coring needles withdraw tiny amounts of tissue.
  • Penetration force – various factors determine the level of penetration required for the component to be effective.
  • Stylet – solid rods introduced into needles, often to prevent coring.
  • Echogenic markings – increases visibility.
  • Bevel length – distance from the heel of the needle to the point.
  • Burr – the amount of deflection at the needle’s point. For minimally invasive medical devices, this typically has to be 0.001 or below.
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