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About Us - Medical Device Design Consultancy

What We Do

At Arrotek, we provide medical device design consultancy services, as well as development, regulatory, and manufacturing services. We specialise in minimally invasive medical devices, including catheters and guidewires, as well as specialty medical needles, cannulas, stylets, and similar steel components. We have extensive design and engineering capabilities, as well as manufacturing and cleanroom facilities in the US and Ireland.

As a full-service medical device design consultancy, we offer a complete and full solution from the initial concept to the production of your finished product. We also provide regulatory services to ensure your idea is fully compliant with CE and FDA regulations as well as any other requirements.

Our Expertise and Capabilities

Medical device prototyping capabilities

Who We Are

The Arrotek teams in the US and Ireland have extensive engineering and manufacturing experience that includes product design, concept development, design for manufacturing, design transfer, packaging design, documentation management, quality control, regulatory support, prototyping,scale-up manufacturing, sterilisation support, and product assembly.

We previously traded under three brand names – Arrotek, NeedleTech,and Concert Medical – but now trade together as Arrotek. This combined offering brings a wealth of engineering and manufacturing experience, with well-established and equipped facilities in Massachusetts in the US and Ireland in the EU.

Our expertise and practical capabilities enable us to serve a broad range of customers, supporting the development and production of medical device products that have a positive impact on patient outcomes around the world.

Arrotek is part of the Theragenics Corporation, with sister companies Theragenics and Galt Medical.

Who We Are - Arrotek - medical device design consultancy

Medical Device Design Consultancy - Supporting Your Project

Our structures, expertise, and processes mean we can offer fully customised solutions whether you are a start-up, established medical device company, or multinational corporation. Contact us to arrange a consultation.

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