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At Arrotek, we are experienced medical device manufacturers, providing medical device contract manufacturing services to companies in Europe and around the world. Our facility for the production of medical devices is located in Ireland, one of the world’s most important hubs for the MedTech industry.

This facility is state-of-the-art and complements our medical device product design and development services. With full design and manufacturing capabilities, we offer a full range of medical device design manufacturer services. This includes designing and producing prototypes during the design process, prototypes for clinical trials, and finished products ready for distribution.

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Medical Device Manufacturers – Our Facility

Our on-site cleanroom manufacturing facilities support our commitment to providing a successful finished product ready for the clinic or hospital.

We have two cleanrooms:

  • Class 7 (10,000) cleanroom for assembly and packaging
  • Class 8 (100,000) cleanroom for moulding

As leading medical device manufacturers, we can become your medical device OEM contract manufacturer, offering both pilot and full-scale production services to meet your outsourcing needs.

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Medical Device Manufacturing Capabilities

Our manufacturing and assembly capabilities include:

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    Balloon Blowing

    At Arrotek, we can custom manufacture compliant, semi-compliant, and non-compliant balloons according to your requirements. We have experience manufacturing balloons with a range of different materials including PU, nylon, and PEEK.

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    We have extensive experience of induction heating processes and are capable of tipping tip lengths of up to 100mm in a range of materials including nylon, PE, PU, PEEK, and fluoropolymers. We design all tooling in-house to reduce lead times and offer you a more efficient service.

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    Laser Welding

    We have considerable laser welding experience with the ability to laser weld various materials commonly used to manufacture components for medical devices. This includes nitinol and stainless steel.

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    Inject/ Insert Moulding

    We have high-quality, modern, and efficient injection moulding equipment in our Class 8 (100,000) cleanroom. We use this equipment to manufacture both prototype and production builds. In addition, we work with local toolmakers to minimise turnaround times and deliver on your requirements.

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    Using our expertise, we’ll select the correct bonding method suitable for your medical device. This could be heat welding two similar materials, for example, or using an adhesive. Our team will develop a tailored process that suits your requirements

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    Using a closed cup pad printing system, we offer consistent print detail and can print graduation marks and logos. Plus, we have developed a biocompatible surface treatment process that allows us to print on a wide range of materials.

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    Film Welding

    We have developed in-house film welding technologies so can create any size of film weld necessary for your application. Our capabilities include producing both large and small-volume balloons depending on the requirements of your medical device.

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    Finished Product Assembly

    By combining the above processes, we can offer full assembly services to produce your finished product. We also have additional capabilities in-house that you might need for your product. This includes tray and pouch sealing as well as the option to fully pack. We can also coordinate all sterilisation and logistics activities to make your device ready for distribution.

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