You Have an Idea for a Medical Device – Find Out How Much It Will Cost to Design and Develop

One of the most important questions to find the answer to if you have an idea for a new medical device is how much it will cost to design and develop, i.e., how much it will cost to turn the idea into a working, manufacturable product that is ready to go to the next stage.

One of the challenges of getting this information is that there are a lot of variables. However, at Arrotek, we have used our extensive experience in the industry to develop a calculator that will give you an estimate of the costs involved to design your new medical device product.

Try the new medical device design and development estimate tool now

How the Estimate Tool Works

You can get an estimate of how much it will cost to design your new medical device by answering some straightforward multiple-choice questions.

The questions don’t require you to divulge ANY commercially sensitive information or details that would be covered under your intellectual property rights.

Instead, the estimate tool uses information like the broad category that your device will fall into, timescales, and other general information to create the estimate.

You can then use that estimate to help inform your decisions on what to do next with your medical device idea.

Free to Use!

The Arrotek medical device design and development tool is completely free to use. Once you complete the questions, you’ll see the estimate, plus we’ll send you an email summary.

Not only is the tool free to use, but it only takes a few minutes to complete. Try it now.

What the Estimate Covers

The Arrotek medical device design and development estimate tool covers all the main steps involved in turning your idea for a medical device product into a working prototype that is fit for purpose and that offers benefits to patients and users.

Those steps include:

  • Defining requirements including the goals of the project, targets, functional requirements specification for the new product, and more.
  • Creating multiple concepts for the new product based on your original idea.
  • Selecting a concept to pursue and further developing it, including creating 3D CAD models, assessing materials, and reviewing potential manufacturing methods.
  • Production of a Stage 1 prototype for evaluation and testing.
  • Further refining the concept based on learnings from the Stage 1 prototype, as well as going through Design for Manufacture and Design for Assembly processes.
  • Production of a Stage 2 prototype, usually in a small batch, ready for further testing and commercialisation.

If you have a query about the Arrotek medical device design and development estimate tool, or you would like to discuss your product idea with one of our experienced engineers, please contact us today.