Workplace Wellbeing at Arrotek: The Right to Disconnect

Last month, the Government published its Code of Practice on the Right to Disconnect.  At Arrotek, this code of practice is something we fully support. Throughout our 16 years in business, we have recognised the importance of relaxation and rest during personal time for all members of the Arrotek team.

Today, all employees are encouraged to finish work on time and to switch off and disconnect from work at weekends and when on annual leave.

Tracey Kelly, HR Manager at Arrotek, said: “We follow the ethos here at Arrotek that when you are off, you are off! This approach is important for the wellbeing of our staff, and it helps our business.

“We are involved in developing innovative medical device solutions for our clients, so our employees need to be fresh and rejuvenated every day they come into work. You can’t do that if you don’t properly switch off outside working hours.

“It was great to see the recent Code of Practice on the Right to Disconnect being launched in Ireland, and we encourage other employers to follow the principles it highlights.”