Virtual Bingo – Just One of the Ways Arrotek Has Adapted to the COVID-19 Lockdown

Dealing with a changed work environment as we do our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 isn’t just about homeworking and holding meetings on Zoom.

Those things are important, of course, but what about those spur of the moment trips to the local cafe to grab lunch together, heading to the pub after work on a Friday for a few drinks, or chatting over a cup of coffee on a Monday morning about what you did at the weekend?

These things are also important in the work environment, but how do you maintain a connection with colleagues in the current situation while also continuing to deliver for customers?

One of our solutions at Arrotek was to hold a virtual bingo night. We have a sports and social club where we hold regular events, but we didn’t let the lockdown and social distancing hold us back. We just moved it online instead, with some virtual “33 come in for ya tea” and “55 snakes alive”.

Adapting Business Processes

We’ve been adapting our business processes too, as we continue to fully support the national effort to beat COVID-19.

This includes most of our staff moving to remote working and staying connected with colleagues, customers, suppliers, and others through Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Where staff must be on-site in our Sligo facility, we practice rigorous social distancing protocols.

We’ve also used the opportunity to provide further training to staff in a range of areas, including quality. The training is delivered remotely using Microsoft Teams.

Plus, we’ve even continued to recruit, conducting interviews remotely. A new colleague will be joining the company in May through this process.

Keeping staff connected and informed while many are working from home has also been a priority. To help with this, we send an internal newsletter so we can share news and keep everyone connected and up to date.

Like other businesses across the country, the past weeks have been very different, presenting unique challenges. At Arrotek, we have remained positive throughout, resolute in our support of frontline workers and the national effort while looking for opportunities where they arise and using technology and innovative ideas to stay connected and operational.