Tailored Support for Your Medical Device Start-Up Company

There is a problem in the medical device industry and as a start-up company, it will be a problem that you may already be familiar with. You need support for your project, whether you are at the concept and prototyping stage or are further along on the research and development journey.

However, all too often, the support that is available comes with a big price tag. You also have to make big commitments while putting up with the fact the support you get is not tailored to your specific needs. There must be a better way.

There is a better way, and it is something we are passionate about here at Arrotek.

We have experience working with many of the largest medical device companies in the world. However, we also have extensive experience working with medical device start-up companies, including those at the earliest stages of development.

Utilising this experience, we have tailored our service offering to ensure we have options that meet the needs of start-up companies like yours. You’ll still get access to the same expertise, capabilities, and skilled resources that are available to our larger clients but in a way that is more suited to the operation of your start-up.

In practice, this means billing on your terms, quick turnaround times, extensive scale-up capabilities, and a level of flexibility and adaptability that can’t be matched by some of the MedTech industry’s contract manufacturers.

Facing Up to Reality

Companies that only offer large, fixed-cost proposals are not best suited to start-ups. The reason for this is that it does not give start-ups any flexibility through the evolution of development – flexibility which is critical to secure the best design/product.

The Arrotek Approach

There are three main elements to our approach at Arrotek that make our design, development, regulatory, and contract manufacturing services suitable for medical device start-up companies:

Modular Approach

We can support your start-up or project in whatever format you need. This could be as your design and development partner, where we take the lead on the project. It could equally be support for a particular element of the project, where we become an extension of your team.

Time and Materials

Committing to a large contract usually means not just overpaying, but also planning further ahead than you should need to.

As a start-up, you need to keep tight control over costs to ensure continued product development progress while you go through various funding rounds. You also need maximum flexibility, where the direction of the project can change as and when it needs to.

At Arrotek, we can work with you on a time and materials basis. This ensures you get support specific to your immediate requirements and you only pay for what you need.

With no big contracts and no massive upfront commitment, you can focus on building relationships with the individuals on our team while also ensuring your project moves in the right direction. From our side, we’ll focus on getting an in-depth understanding of your expectations and the objectives for the project.

Available Capacity

Part of being flexible and adaptable means having available capacity to scale according to your requirements. Maintaining excess capacity in our capabilities means we’ll react quickly, delivering a fast turnaround on your requests.

Minimising Project Costs and Complexity

Our time and materials offering, modular approach, and available capacity will reduce the overall cost of your project in addition to making ongoing costs more manageable. Project complexity will also be kept to a minimum as your plans can be based on reality rather than predictions.

At Arrotek, we take a long-term view when beginning a partnership with a new start-up company, and we thrive on the innovation and cutting-edge development that these projects bring. So, we are excited to find out more about your idea and to discuss, in complete confidence, your plans and objectives. Complete the form below to get in touch.