Press Release: Arrotek and NeedleTech Will Now Trade Under the Arrotek Brand Name

Medical device companies Arrotek and NeedleTech will both now trade under the Arrotek brand name. The strengthened offering will include extended and enhanced medical device design and manufacturing services to MedTech organizations across the globe, particularly in the US and EU.

Both Arrotek and NeedleTech have strong records in the medical device industry, serving a broad range of customers that include OEMs, medical device startups, and corporations. The medical device products and components they design, develop, and manufacture are used by healthcare professionals around the world.

The new offering will build on the current foundations of quality, flexibility, and industry-leading innovation while merging the skills, capabilities, and knowledge across both business units.

Industry award-winning company Arrotek is a specialist in the design, development, and manufacture of interventional and diagnostic catheters. NeedleTech is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of specialty medical needles, cannulas, and stylets.

The Arrotek and NeedleTech brands are part of the Theragenics group of companies.

Mark Pugh, Director of the OEM Group, said:

“I am delighted to announce Arrotek and NeedleTech will now both trade under the Arrotek brand name. This will enhance our current offering, extending the services we provide. We are also investing in our shared engineering departments to put the structures in place to take our business forward.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank our current customers for their continued support. As a combined team, we are looking forward to enhancing the services we offer and strengthening our partnerships together.”

The new venture will comprise two centers of excellence, with the operation in Massachusetts focusing on metal components and the Irish facility concentrating on plastics.

Mark added:

“It’s an exciting time for this new venture, especially given the strengths of our teams across both facilities in the US and EU.

“This is also an exciting time for the medical device industry and wider healthcare sector as advances in technologies and therapeutics open the door to new and cutting-edge treatments. Patient outcomes are being transformed by these new and innovative treatments, and this is only going to accelerate.

“Every member of our team, whether located in our US facility in Massachusetts or our EU facility in Ireland, is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of minimally invasive medical device development where we can continue driving innovation in healthcare.”


About Arrotek

Arrotek is a leading medical device design consultancy focusing on the design, development, and manufacture of minimally invasive medical devices. It specializes in the design of advanced interventional and diagnostic catheters, working with clients from around the world. As a full-service design consultancy, it offers a comprehensive range of services from the initial concept stages of a new product development process up to the commercialization and manufacture of finished products. An award winner, Arrotek was named Life Sciences Company of the Year at the 2023 Life Sciences Industry Awards in Ireland.

About NeedleTech

NeedleTech is a leading medical device contract manufacturer providing a wide range of custom specialty needles, cannulas, stylets, and similar steel components. It offers concept-to-commercialization solutions with capabilities that include needle point grinding, CNC Swiss machining, metal forming and finishing, and overmolding. It also offers medical device engineering and design for manufacturing (DFM) services that include tool and fixture fabrication, as well as rapid prototyping.