COVID-19 Support message from Arrotek

As we in Arrotek endeavour to support the measures to tackle the COVID-19 situation, one aspect that has been identified is a possible lack of cleanroom space.

As I`m sure you all know, Arrotek Medical recently moved into a new facility in Sligo. The previous facility is currently empty and available.

This is a facility with over 2,000 ft² of cleanroom space in a detached building of over 10,000 ft² split between warehouse and office space. Less than a year ago this facility was running as a fully validated class 7 cleanroom, and could be returned to this status quickly.

The room is fully serviced with single and three-phase power, pneumatic air, and chilled water.

Please share this message so that it might reach anyone who might be able to make use of this facility in the short term in order to help us fight this shared battle we are all facing.

Any questions on the facility can be directed to [email protected].