Arrotek Supports UNICEF’s Get a Vaccine, Give a Vaccine Campaign

Arrotek has made a donation to UNICEF’s Get a Vaccine, Give a Vaccine campaign to help the organisation in its efforts to deliver Covid-19 vaccines to the world’s most vulnerable people.

UNICEF’s goal is to help vaccinate two billion people across the globe, with a focus on health workers, vulnerable families, and other high-risk groups. It is doing this because scientists and health professionals believe nobody is safe from Covid-19 until everyone is safe.

The money donated to UNICEF will help to buy, transport, and administer Covid-19 vaccinations.

Richard Loughlin from Arrotek said: “We are proud to support this essential campaign. We have seen here in Ireland and in other parts of the world that vaccines work in the fight against Covid-19. They save lives, they help prevent people from getting seriously sick, and they reduce the pressures faced by our hospitals.

“While it is fantastic to see the very high rates of vaccine uptake in Ireland, it is essential that everyone in the world gets the opportunity to be vaccinated, including the most vulnerable. We are committed at Arrotek to playing our part.”

To find out more about the UNICEF Get a Vaccine, Give a Vaccine campaign, and to make a donation, visit the UNICEF website.