Medical Device Design and Prototyping Capabilities

During the medical device design process, the prototyping stages are essential. They improve the product, identify risks, and reduce the overall development time. They are typically also required to get regulatory approval.

At Arrotek, we have in-house prototyping capabilities. The fact they are in-house improves turnaround times, speeds up the design process, and enhances quality.

We develop medical device prototypes as part of the concept development process as well as prototypes for later stages of your medical device's lifecycle, including prototypes for pre-clinical and clinical requirements.

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The Importance of Medical Device Prototyping

Designing a new medical device product is an iterative process, and creating prototypes is part of that process. The advantages of prototypes include:

  • Helps confirm the product can perform the task it is being created for
  • Ensures the performance of the product is to an acceptable standard
  • Helps with the process of ensuring the product meets the requirements of regulators
  • Your new medical device product has to be commercially viable too. Prototyping is essential in this regard as it provides crucial information on the practicalities and cost-effectiveness of manufacturing the product at scale.

Finally, there are often improvements, enhancements, and changes that only become apparent when you can physically hold, inspect, and try the medical device. Prototyping lets you do this.

Medical Device Prototype Manufacturing

As an experienced medical device design manufacturer, we have state of the art medical device prototyping facilities at Arrotek. This is in addition to industry-leading engineering and manufacturing expertise. The in-house medical device manufacturing capabilities we can use to create a prototype of your new product include 3D printing, balloon blowing, laser welding, bonding, injection moulding, and more.

Prototypes We Develop

While all medical device design projects are different, we do follow a structured, tried and tested process. This process includes two main prototyping stages:

  • Prototype 1 – a prototype produced following the creation of initial design drawings
  • Prototype 2 – a validated and regulatory compliant prototype that you can use for evaluation and testing

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