Press Release: Arrotek Named Best Medical Device & Development Company – Northwest Ireland

Sligo-based medical device company Arrotek has picked up another award. It has been named the Best Medical Device & Development Company – Northwest Ireland in the 2024 Irish Enterprise Awards.

This comes on the back of other recent awards successes, including being shortlisted in two categories at the 2024 Manufacturing Excellence Awards – Manufacturer of the Year Life Sciences and Manufacturing Facility of the Year. We also won the Life Sciences Company of the Year award and the Overall Excellence in Life Science award at the 2023 Life Science Industry Awards.

Colin Burke, Sales Manager at Arrotek, said he was delighted with this latest award.

Colin said: “It has become a bit of a cliche to say that awards and similar accolades are a recognition of the effort put in by the team, but at Arrotek, it genuinely is the case. We have achieved incredible success over the past number of years with expansion here in Ireland, in the US, and in Central America.

“We have ambitious plans for the future too, as we continue to strive to deliver the most comprehensive range of services at the highest standards of quality for our medical device customers. “My thanks to the EU Business News team for organizing the 2024 Irish Enterprise Awards and congratulations again to the Arrotek team.”