Enhanced Rapid Prototyping Capabilities Available at Arrotek’s US Facility

We have enhanced our medical device rapid prototyping capabilities at our US facility in Massachusetts. These increased capabilities will enable us to further improve the service we offer to customers, especially those in the design and development phase of their product’s lifecycle.

At Arrotek USA, we can now provide customers with a fully functional prototype of their medical device components faster than ever before. These prototypes can now be produced in days when historically, it could take weeks or months. This will help with the development process to reduce development timelines and costs and improve product quality and effectiveness. Thanks to this advancement in our capabilities, creating a tangible model of our customers’ devices can now be achieved in a matter of days. This dramatic reduction in turnaround time allows for faster iteration, testing, and refinement, ultimately leading to better and more effective medical devices reaching patients sooner.

Our engineering and operations teams worked together to develop our rapid prototyping capabilities by introducing the latest 3D printing technologies designed specifically for healthcare applications. The new equipment is compatible with sterilizable and biocompatible materials, and it is highly accurate, resolving details down to the micron level.

Keith Spodek, VP Operations & Site Leader at our Arrotek USA facility said: “Building on our strong reputation, we have been working on enhancing our design services capabilities for the US medical device market. We specialize in minimally invasive medical devices, so our new rapid prototyping capabilities have been specifically developed to produce complex, intricate, and often extremely small components. This means we have in-house prototyping expertise and technologies for the most innovative and exciting medical device projects upcoming or currently in development.” To learn more about our design services and rapid prototyping capabilities at Arrotek USA, please get in touch and a member of our team will get back to you.