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How Long Does It Take to Design a New Medical Device Product?

by Ger O'Carroll
A question we are often asked at Arrotek is how long it takes to design a new medical device product. Knowing this helps entrepreneurs and businesses plan future steps, including those that come after the product is designed, including putting the product through clinical trials. The problem with answering the question of how long medical device design takes is that it is variable. The simple answer is three to six months. To understand further, it helps to explain our process, the things that can cause delays, and how we mitigate those delays. How We Work At Arrotek, we put a...

Benefits of an Iterative Design Process

by Ger O'Carroll
The best approach to developing a new medical device product is to use an iterative design process. Iterative design is a methodology used to create products in all industries, from physical products to software. What is iterative design, however, and what are the benefits? What is Iterative Design? Iterative design involves the development of a new medical device product using a cyclical process. This involves bringing the design to a certain point and then analysing, evaluating, testing, and getting feedback on that design. This is all fed back to the design team to inform and shape the next stages of...