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Prestigious Industry Award, US Office Opening, Facility Expansion – an Exciting 12 Months at Arrotek

by Damien McGinley
The past 12 months have been an exciting period for Arrotek, with awards, local and international expansion, and important milestones achieved. Here's a quick summary: Life Sciences Company of the Year In July of this year, Arrotek was named the Life Sciences Company of the Year at Ireland's Life Sciences Industry Awards. We also picked up the top award, the Overall Excellence in Life Sciences Award. The winning of these two prestigious awards came on the back of other awards successes, including being shortlisted for the MedTech Company of the Year 2022 award at last year's Irish MedTech Awards. US...

Sterile Barrier Medical Device Packaging Design Considerations

by Arrotek Medical Ltd
The design of the packaging for your medical device product is often as important as the design of the medical device. Packaging is critical for compliance, quality, and patient safety, and it can be a key factor in the commercial success of the product. In a previous blog, we gave an overview of sterile barrier medical device packaging, including what it is, the key characteristics, and when packaging should be considered in the product development process. The answer to that last question is as early as possible, i.e., packaging should be part of design direction and decision-making processes from the...

How We Apply Lean Six Sigma to Medical Device Product Design

by Arrotek Medical Ltd
At Arrotek, we continuously work to improve how we operate to enhance the quality of the services that we offer. This includes using Lean Manufacturing methodologies to optimise production processes for our manufacturing customers, but we take a similar approach to other parts of our business, including medical device product design. Specifically, we use Lean Six Sigma to optimise and continuously improve our design and development processes. Lean Six Sigma uses the principles, methods, and tools of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma to: Improve business operations Streamline product development processes Optimise product quality Lean Six Sigma combines the Lean concept...

An Overview of Sterile Barrier Medical Device Packaging Design

by Arrotek Medical Ltd
Packaging is often one of the last things that is thought about in a medical device product development project. The reality is it takes time to properly design and test packaging for medical device products, especially sterile barrier medical device packaging. Furthermore, the importance of packaging to the success of your product, not to mention product quality and safety, should not be underestimated. In this blog, we’ll provide an overview of sterile barrier medical device packaging design, including why it is so important and the main characteristics of this highly specialised type of product packaging. What is Sterile Barrier Medical...

Employee Spotlight – Ronan Scott

by Arrotek Medical Ltd
1. Describe your job in one sentence? Meeting with customers, understanding their requirements from a technical point of view and translating that into a body of engineering work for the engineering team to assist with. 2. What is the best thing about being on the Arrotek Team? The work environment and team are always friendly and there is potential to progress professionally. 3. What is a fun fact about you? I’ve been to the cinema 33 times in 2023 so far!!

Understanding the Makeup of Catheters Used in Interventional Radiology Procedures

by John Egan
Advances in catheter technologies have enabled new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that continue to transform healthcare. These advances are led by innovations in catheter design that push the boundaries of materials science and introduce new technologies and capabilities. The standard makeup of a catheter is the starting point for developing any new catheter device. In this blog, we’ll look at the makeup of catheters used in interventional radiology procedures as well as typical performance characteristics. Catheter Applications in Interventional Radiology Procedures Angiography – where catheters deliver a contrast agent into blood vessels that can then be visualised using a variety...

Arrotek Wins Life Sciences Company of the Year and Overall Excellence Awards

by Arrotek Medical Ltd
Arrotek won two awards at 2023's Life Science Industry Awards, including Life Sciences Company of the Year. We also took home the top prize of the night – the Overall Excellence in Life Sciences award! The awards ceremony for Ireland's Life Science Industry Awards took place in Dublin on Thursday 6 July. The event aims to recognise and celebrate the life science industry in Ireland and is open to medical device companies as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Both indigenous Irish and global multinational companies are considered for the awards. Arrotek was up against five other shortlisted life sciences...

Employee Spotlight – John Egan

by Arrotek
1. Describe your job in one sentence? One sentence, any good engineer will tell you the devil is in the detail, I’ll do my best to keep this to…..a few sentences. As Engineering Manager, I see my main responsibility as a facilitator for the Engineering team. To summarise in key words I’d include teamwork, change management, personal development, mentoring, opportunity, trust… mention a few…. it's important these are not just buzzwords, they need to be part of the culture and preserved, during inevitable change both internally and externally. 2. What is the best thing about being on the Arrotek Team?...

“Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That You Can’t” – A Message on International Women in Engineering Day

by Arrotek
“Right now, engineering is male dominated, but you can already see there is an emphasis on getting more female engineers and more women into industries like ours, medical devices. For females who might be thinking it might be difficult working in such an environment, my experience is it’s not. If you get into a company like Arrotek, it doesn’t matter if you are male or female, you are part of the team.” That is the message from Rebecca Morrow, Quality Engineer at Arrotek. Today is International Women in Engineering Day 2023, so Rebecca was sharing her experiences of working as...

Successful FDA Inspection at Arrotek’s Sligo, Ireland Facility

by Arrotek Medical Ltd
Arrotek's medical device manufacturing facility in Sligo, Ireland has been successfully inspected by the USA's Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The inspection was officially completed with no actions required. Catrina Hunter, interim Quality Manager at Arrotek, said: “We are delighted to receive an Establishment Inspection Report from the FDA’s Division of Establishment Support following our recent inspection. The successful inspection is another milestone for Arrotek as we continue with our growth strategy and optimising the services we deliver for our clients.” An FDA inspector attended Arrotek's facility in Sligo at the beginning of March 2023. The inspection was a routine...