Intellectual Property

You Retain 100% of Your Intellectual Property

All intellectual property in relation to your idea, concept, and the product we help you develop, will remain yours. When you contract us to design, develop, and/or manufacture your new medical device, our role will be as a third-party. In other words, we make no claim whatsoever on your intellectual property.

You can also have confidence in our confidentiality. We have experience working with NDAs and we never disclose information to anyone without your express approval. This includes the fact we are working on a project for you or that you are our client. If you want 100 percent confidentiality, we will honour that.

In addition, we take data privacy very seriously too and have processes and procedures in place to ensure your data is protected. In relation to our website, you can read our privacy policy here.

If you have any questions about intellectual property, NDAs, confidentiality, or the privacy of your information, please contact a member of our team on +353 (0)71 91 15111.

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