Expert Medical Device Design

At Arrotek, we provide a full range of medical device design and development services to bring your idea from concept stage through to the production of a sterile, finished product that is ready for the medical device market.

Six-Step Medical Device Product Design Process

From the beginning, we’ll create a design and development plan for your new medical device idea using our Six-Step Medical Device Product Design Process. Our team has extensive experience in medical device design, plus we have a state-of-the-art production facility that includes two separate cleanrooms.

Our Medical Device Design Expertise

Arrotek offers a range of development and manufacturing services from initial product assessment to the provision of sterile finished product


Our experienced and highly skilled medical device design team will work with you through an iterative and collaborative design process to make your idea for a new medical device a production-ready reality.


At Arrotek, we don’t just design and develop new medical devices: we have manufacturing capabilities in-house so produce prototypes for clinical trials. We also manufacture market-ready medical devices.


Our core strengths and experience are in the medical device field. Our experts possess the regulatory knowledge needed to design and produce devices compliant with CE, FDA and other regulations.


Creating prototypes for your new medical device is crucial to the design process. Medical device design prototyping ensures the product meets user needs, is high-quality, and can be manufactured cost-effectively.

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