Adrian Moran

Occlusion Balloon Catheter Design and Development Overview

by Adrian Moran
Occlusion balloon catheters are widely used for a range of medical procedures and treatments, from emergency haemorrhage control or the treatment of neurovascular aneurysms, to temporarily stopping the flow of blood during heart surgery. Despite the varied applications that currently exist, there continues to be new innovations in occlusion balloon catheter design. Those innovations are improving the treatment of patients, including in highly complex surgeries where the catheter must reach parts of the body through tortuous vasculatures. When going through an occlusion balloon catheter design and development process, there are several important factors to consider. Balloon Inflation and Deflation The...

An Overview of Multi-Lumen Catheter Design

by Adrian Moran
Multi-lumen catheters are used for several different applications, including highly complicated procedures. They can also be designed with a wide range of performance characteristics. Furthermore, advances in the design of catheter devices are opening up new opportunities and making it possible to create new multi-lumen catheter products that will improve the treatment and diagnosis of patients with various complex conditions. In simple terms, a multi-lumen catheter is a single catheter with multiple internal channels or lumens. As it is a single catheter, there is only one entry point. However, the multi-lumen design allows more than one activity to take place...